Closing & Delays

Weather conditions can often change rapidly and seriously because of our coastal location, causing the possibility of school closures, delayed openings, or early dismissals. 

The Falmouth Public Schools website will display the announcement on all pages of the website. In addition, this information will be posted at

The following radio and television stations will also carry this announcement:

  • Radio
    • WCOD 106.1 FM
    • WQRC 99.9 FM
    • WOCN 104.7 FM
    • WMVY 88.7 FM
    • WXTK 95.1 FM
  • Television
    • WBZ Channel 4
    • WCVB Channel 5
    • NECN Channel 11
    • WHDH Channel 7
    • WFXT Channel 25
    • Falmouth Comcast Channel 14


School and town officials monitor weather conditions and road conditions. If conditions are severe enough to threaten the safety of students traveling to and from school, a decision is made to close school or delay opening.

  • School Closed – All school will be closed for the day. Students and staff are to remain home. Emergency personnel will report to work. All morning, afternoon, and evening activities are also canceled.
  • Two Hour Delayed Opening – All school and bus times will be two hours later than regular starting time. Schools will end at the normal times. All other school activities will take place at their originally scheduled times. Morning preschools are canceled. All custodial and cafeteria employees are expected to report at normal hours. Students are not to be on school grounds until ten minutes before school begins.
  • Early Dismissal – There are no set times for early closure. This will depend on weather conditions. Generally, schools are closed either one or two hours early. Buses should arrive at their destination up to twenty to thirty minutes late because buses must complete high school and middle school runs, often with difficult road conditions. Elementary schools attempt to call the homes or the emergency numbers of preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students. Radio stations announce the early closure. Parents/guardians must have a plan for emergency coverage of students in case dismissal closure becomes necessary and no one is home. Whenever possible afternoon preschool programs will be canceled when there is an early dismissal, and all other afternoon and evening activities are also canceled.

Automated messaging will be used to notify families regarding changes in school schedule (snow day, delayed opening, early dismissal). It may also be used to announce upcoming events and school activities. The recipients of the messages are based on the emergency contact information collected at the beginning of the school year. Please notify the school office if the recipient of the messages in incorrect.

The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee makes these decisions. Most often they are made in the 4:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. time period based on the latest weather information, on conversations with the Department of Public Works and safety officials regarding the condition of roads. The school system recognizes that there are inconveniences and dangers to keeping schools open during inclement weather but also that there are concerns when closing because of disruption of family routines. We attempt to make the decision that is safest for families with a priority of also maintaining educational routines.